We grow Riesling on 20 hectares (50 acres, as per harvest 2007) of steep, south facing mountain slopes that face the Mosel River . The Selbach-Oster vineyards are located on some of the best vineyard land in the heart of the Mosel wine country called " Mittelmosel".

The following soil descriptions are for mid-slope vineyards. In each site, vineyards located at the foot of the slope have deeper soils with much better water supply than further up the hill.

Vineyard site Bernkasteler Badstube

Gently sloping vineyard. Fine chunks of grey-blue Devonian slate with subsoil of crumbly, decomposed slate and a small percentage of loam. Relatively good water supply.

Vineyard site Graacher Domprobst

Steep slope behind the village of Graach. Medium-size chunks of grey-blue Devonian slate over a thick layer of loam. Comparatively heavy subsoil with excellent underground water supply

Vineyard site Wehlener Sonnenuhr

Steep to very steep slope straight across the river from Wehlen. Medium to large size chunks of blue Devonian slate. Relatively dry, shallow subsoil of decomposed slate and hints of loam. The best parts are close to water surface of Mosel, on the lower portion of the slope.

Vineyard site Zeltinger Schlossberg

Steep slope. Medium-grained Devonian slate as topsoil with medium-deep subsoil of decomposed slate mixed with some loam.

Vineyard site Zeltinger Sonnenuhr

Continuation of the Wehlener Sonnenuhr downstream, towards where the dam across the Mosel widens the water surface. The appellation ends at the church at the southern end of Zeltingen. Very steep slope with large outcroppings of rock. Large chunks of blue Devonian slate, very shallow subsoil of decomposed slate on top of slate bedrock. Driest soil of the five sites. Very close to the water surface of the Mosel.

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